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what I do

Lighting and Set Design

For people who give a damn

The last 18 months have placed the demand for theatre at the forefront of many, but finding reliable help to get your show off the ground has never been harder. That is where I come in. Based in New York City & Los Angeles, available for travel.

what I do

hello there.

I’m Josh...
I Can't wait to meet you!

26 years old
Just a Latino boy from Pasadena, California 

Growing up with ADHD made artistic and personal expression very difficult. Lighting design gave me a gift that I thought was out of reach for a kid like me. Being able to paint the stage and help guide the audiences eyes through a new world on stage is a feeling that I NEVER get tired of!

MUSIC LOVER, Avid HikeR, CAPRICORN, Well-rounded collaborator  

Working along side Josh was one of the most illuminating processes

I have been a part of as a collaborator.


There is a world waiting to be created...

Ready to make it real?

Turn your vision into a reality. The cast is ready in the wings, the stage is set, now all we need to do it illuminate the world we have created — a deep collaboration fully realized.

you're in the right place


After completing his MFA at NYU-TISCH, Josh has grown his ability  of story telling through the art of lighting. From a color driven night club scene to a Saturday afternoon in a Starbucks, Josh is able to craft a look that will not only complement the work on stage but enhance it! 

Ready, Set, Go

Let me light up your life.

Allow my unique understanding of the design process; from timelines to overall responsibilities of a design team,  to help bring your vision to life. I always look forward to the collaborative conversation at the table that starts creating that visual communication and interconnection. 



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This is where I will post clips of my most recent productions, behind-the-scenes of some of my lighting set ups, and my daily life!

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