I am a multi-disciplinary Theatre Lighting designer who believes you can be cutting edge and timeless at the same time.

I received my BA in Theater Arts from Westmont College, a small liberal arts college in Montecito, California, near Santa Barbara. I was one of two lighting specialists, so I got to work on a TON of shows!  

A benefit of earning Bachelors of Arts in Theatre rather than a BFA in Lighting Design is that my core curriculum focused on theatre as a whole. I studied acting, directing, scenic and sound design, and carpentry as well!

Then I moved across the country to join the NYU-TISCH MFA program in Design for Stage and Film. This began my new chapter.

In New York City, I was able to study under multiple award-winning designers. The rigorous curriculum required me to take classes in each of the different disciplines, including lighting design, costume design, and scenic design. This approach gave me an advanced and unique understanding of all the moving parts involved in a design team. It also helped me craft my individual approach to working with new directors, making collaboration a breeze.

Genuine collaboration allows for a smoother and more fruitful design process for everyone and allows the entire design team and company of actors to make some truly beautiful art.


The colors of a desert sunset, cold air during a morning run, and the movement within music.

the Desginer


Born in Pasadena, California, Josh brings a trained and nuanced eye to every production he works on. 

As a child I was enthralled with Disneyland. The costumes, the colors, the LIGHTS, it captivated me. It was not until my early 20's that I realized this love of color and music had never left me. I have dedicated the last 6 years to learning to craft a theatre experience that borders on synesthesia.

LOVES: MY Mexican HERITAGE. Ridding my motorcycle. tasting tequilas. spending TIme outdoors, especially Yosemite, Free time to build playlists.




tequila > wine, every time. 


a bit obsessed with sunsets, but who can blame me?


happiest exploring the outside world


I am in love with the collaboration process and i can't wait to start with you! 

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Communication, trust, and an open dialogue. These are so important in a fruitful and successful collaboration process.


Being in the theatre does not mean you are present. The whole room knows when you are not invested...Care about your work!

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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This is where I will post clips of my most recent productions, behind-the-scenes of some of my lighting set ups, and my daily life!

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